søndag den 7. juli 2013

Space Hulk 2nd Edition

1 Rulebook
1 Mission book
10 Space Marine Terminator models
20 Genestealer models
6 Rooms
20 Corridors
4 Space Marine Entry Areas
6 Corner Sections
8 T-junctions
4 Dead-ends
6 Crossroads
20 Doors and 4 Bulkheads
24 Plastic stands for doors
24 assorted Blip counters
3 Malfunction Blip counters
24 Flamer markers
2 Flamer Reload markers
8 Overwatch/Jam counters
1 Command Points counter
1 Turn counter
2 Toxin Canister counters
1 Hulk Archive counter
1 Damping Controls counter
1 Computer Console counter
1 Airpump System counter
1 C.A.T. counter
1 control Panel board
2 Special Shooting dice
1 Special Jam die
4 6-sided dice (1 red, 3 blue)

fredag den 5. juli 2013

EPIC Space Marine


Hive War
1 Rulebook
82 Swarm cards
24 Mycetic Spore chits
24 Hive Mind cards
45 Instinct counters
22 Wound markers
12 Spore Mine markers
50 Spore markers
1 Energy Pulse template
6 Trygon Bio-shock template
1 Pyro-Acid Spray template

Tyranid Swarm
50 Termagants (heraf 40 på sprues)
25 Hormagaunts (heraf 20 på sprues)
25 Gargoyles (heraf 20 på sprues)
5 Lictors
25 Genestealers (heraf 15 på sprues)
15 Tyranids (heraf 10 på sprues)

Metal figurer
1 Hierodule
1 Hierophant
1 Hive Tyrant (malet)
1 Trygon (grundmalet)
1 Harridan
3 Malefactor
2 Dominatrix (1 grundmalet)
3 Carnifex (3 grundmalet)
3 Zoanthrope
3 Exocrine
3 Biovore



Eldar War Host (mange er malet og en del grundmalet)
20 Wraithguard
10 Guardian Artillery Crew (heraf 5 på sprues)
20 Scouts
10 Warlocks
50 Guardians (heraf 21 på sprues)
20 Dire Avengers
20 Exarchs
20 Fire Dragons
10 Dark Reapers (heraf 2 på sprues)
20 Harlequins
20 Striking Scorpions
10 Howling Banshees (heraf 2 på sprues)
20 Swooping Hawks
10 Guardian Standard Bearers (heraf 4 på sprues)
10 Guardians with Heavy Weapons (heraf 5 på sprues)
30 Jetbikes
10 Grav-Mount Artillery (heraf 1 på sprues)
10 Grav-Mount Vibro-Cannon (heraf 1 på sprues)
10 Vyper Jetbikes

Eldar Legion (mange er malet og en del grundmalet)
120 Eldar Warriors (heraf 92 på sprues)
24 Falcon Grav-Tanks

Metal figurer
2 Scout Titans (1 grundmalet, 1 malet)
1 Warlock Titan (malet)
2 Phantom Titan (2 malet)
2 Firestorm (1 grundmalet, 1 malet)
3 Nightwing (3 grundmalet)
3 Doomweaver (1 grundmalet, 2 malet)
1 Avatar (1 grundmalet)
1 Wave Serpent (1 grundmalet)
1 War Walker
4 Tempest Grav Tank (1 grundmalet, 3 malet)
3 Warp Hunter (1 grundmalet, 2 malet)
3 Deathstalker (1 grundmalet, 2 malet)


EPIC Armageddon Rulebook
31 baser på sprues
1 Flying base
Ukendt antal Ork units + vehicles + cards
1 malet tank (uden kanon)

onsdag den 8. maj 2013

Malmö Bloodbowl Masters 2013 - recap

The tourney is over and the final standings can be found here. Although I "only" scored 5 pts. (my goal was 6 pts.) I'm quite satisfied with my overall performance. But now for the match reports...

Match I: 0-2 vs. Norse

My opening match was against the team that eventually would go on to win the entire tourney. Somehow I forgot that Norse teams have a few players with the Frenzy skill and as a result of this, a couple of my players ended up getting crowd surfed early on. After a long grinding drive he finally scored to 0-1 with 2 turns left. Unfortunately he rolled a 10 (Blitz) on the following Kick Off and thus made it impossible for me to score a 2-turn TD.
I was put under good pressure in the second half until one of my Ghouls bravely picked up the ball and threw a Long Pass to a Wight downfield. Sadly he tripped over the goalline (damn you 2+ GFI's!), stunning himself and fumbling the ball into the crowd. Unfortunately it was thrown back onto to pitch in a very favorable position for my opponent and he was able to score another TD.

Match II: 2-1 vs. Amazon

This was quite an uneventful game. The only really thrilling moment was at the end when a combined 5+ / 3+ Dodge could have tied the game for the Amazonians but luckily this didn't happen and my first NAF victory was a reality!

Match III: 1-1 vs. Human

I totally dominated the first half of this game and scored quite easily to 1-0. Unfortunately I made a mistake trying to pick up the ball late in the first half and my opponent capitalised on this error and then the score was 1-1 going into the second half. The second half was a mess. The ball stayed in midfield the entire half and the match ended 1-1.

Match IV: 2-2 vs. Undead

Neither of us was able to break armour and thus only recorded 1 CAS the entire match. I trailed both 0-1 and 1-2 (one of my Ghouls once again scored a passing TD much to the surprise of my opponent). Luckily I also managed to score a 2-turn TD at the very end of the game. The opposing coach was not pleased, to say the least...

Match V: 1-1 vs. Khemri

A game of two halfs, to say the least... I completely dominated first half grinding down the turn marker and leading 1-0 at half time. Total domination. And the everything went completely wrong in the second half... I couldn't prevent him from equalising early on but it gave me 5 turns (partially thanks to a Riot) to score the winning TD. However, I completely fucked it up and luckily one of his players tripped over the goal line in the final turn and the match ended in a stallmate (thank you 2+ GFI's!).

Match VI: 1-2 vs. Dark Elves

This was a very strange match endeed... I slowly but surely removed his puny AV7 players from the pitch and when I scored the equalising TD in turn 2 of the second half I really thought I had this one in the bag... But then the weather changed to Pouring Rain... Although I was outnumbering my opponent by 11 players to 5 I made some poor decisions and when I failed to pick up the ball he pulled a few elven tricks out of his sleeve and suddently he was in scoring position with most of my players stuck in his half of the field. Combined with some appalling dice rolls from me this had just one outcome...

Overall I'm definately not 100% satisfied with my performance in all 6 matches and I feel I should have scored 8 pts. instead of 5 pts. But when taking into consideration that this was my very first NAF tourney I simply cannot be disappointed with the overall result. I also scored the second-most CAS (15), only 3 CAS behind the coach of the Orc team. This was a great experience and with some added training over the next few months I'm sure I'll be able to improve the 12th placed position come the next tourney.

tirsdag den 30. april 2013

Malmö Bloodbowl Masters 2013

All right now! It's almost time for Malmö Bloodbowl Masters 2013 which is held this forthcoming weekend in the town of Malmö, Sweden (as the title suggests). I will travel together with Lasse from TRC and we'll try to teach them Swedes a thing or two about the art of blocking! Or something...

It's actually going to be my first NAF sanctioned tourney ever - well, I participated in a couple of tourneys 9 or 10 years ago but I only recently became a member of NAF - and I'm looking SOOOO much forward to it.

Over the last few months I've really re-discovered my lust for Blood Bowl and I've painted quite a few teams to a reasonably high standard (if I do say so myself). Okay, it's not GW quality but it's tabletop quality and it's good enough for me - actually I love my minis but don't tell anyone, okay?

I still have a few unpainted teams hiding in the drawers (Chaos, Dark Elves, Nurgle and Wood Elves) but for this tourney I of course wanted to bring one of the painted ones. That goes without saying. And so the first decision I had to make was to decide which of the following teams I wanted to use for my NAF debut:
Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Halfling, Human, Norse or Undead.

I've always loved playing Chaos Dwarfs but when I realised that Lasse wanted to play them, I quickly ruled them out. It's been quite some time since I've played Undead but back in the days I really enjoyed them and I think I've re-painted them using a very nice colorscheme.

I then read through the specific rules for this tourney and decided which skill-up's to take. Actually I'm not completely satisfied with the build yet but I'm getting close. Also I'm waiting for some nice number templates to arrive but even if they don't get here in time it should be okay for this tourney.

I'll post some pics, matchreports etc. along the way but for now there's nothing much left to do than relax, get in the Blood Bowl mood and wait for saturday morning to arrive... Cheers!

fredag den 29. marts 2013

SRF 2013 preview

Running order for dette års festival er nu nogenlunde på plads. Kun et par bands mangler at blive placeret, men det er nok til at kunne finde ud af, hvad jeg kommer til at gå glip af - og hvor meget der skal løbes mellem de forskellige scener...


Onsdag er og bliver en hyggedag: Jeg ankommer, får snuset atmosfæren ind og spist årets første elg-kebab. Der spiller kun 3 interessante bands, og det bliver ikke rigtig noget problem at se dem alle.

17:15-18:00: THE SCAMS
19:45-20:45: SISTER SIN
22:30-23:45: BULLET


Egentlig lidt af en walk-over dag, igen med blot 3 interessante bands. Tidspunktet for Survivor er endnu ikke bekræftet, men tilgengæld er KISS på plakaten denne dag.

15:00-16:15: SURVIVOR (unconfirmed)
21:15-22:45: THUNDER
23:00-01:00: KISS


Nu begynder det for alvor at blive sjovt! Ikke færre end 11 bands står på min fredags-to-do-liste, og det betyder naturligvis, at jeg kommer til at gå glip af nogle af dem. Desværre har festival-ledelsen lagt Saxon og Crazy Lixx samt Hardline og Firewind på samme tid, hvilket betyder at jeg formentlig kommer til at misse Crazy Lixx og Firewind. Øv. Jeg har endnu ikke oplevet Firewind og ville rigtig gerne se dem, men jeg tror Hardline bliver prioriteret. Crazy Lixx er altid gode, men Saxon er jo Saxon... Derudover kommer jeg formentlig til at vælge mellem Newsted og Asia, og selvom sidstnævntes spilletidspunkt endnu ikke er bekræftet, vil jeg gætte på, at jeg starter med Newsted og måske bevæger mig over til Asia lidt senere...

12:00-13:15: TREAT
13:30-14:45: HARDLINE / 13:45-14:45: FIREWIND
15:00-16:15: NEWSTED / 15:00-16:15: ASIA (unconfirmed)
16:30-18:00: DORO
18:15-19:45: UFO
20:00-21:30: KROKUS
21:45-23:15: SAXON / 21:45-23:00: CRAZY LIXX
23:30-02:00: EUROPE


Festivalen spiller på sidste vers, men der er stadig tid til 5-6 bands denne dag. Ikke mindst Skid Row, som virkelig er 'make or break' - er de stadig til noget, eller skal de fuldkommen afskrives...? Avantasia (Festival Stage) lukker festivalen samtidig med Paradise Lost (Sweden Stage), men om jeg gider blive eller tager hjem for at få en god nats søvn inden søndagens hjemtur vides først omkring kl. 23 når Skid Row er færdige...

14:45-15:45: TANKARD
16:15-17:15: BLOODBOUND
18:30-19:45: BLACK STAR RIDERS
19:45-21:15: ACCEPT
21:30-22:45: SKID ROW
00:00-02:00: AVANTASIA / 00:00-01:15: PARADISE LOST

fredag den 8. marts 2013

Projekt: Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl hold

Chaos Dwarfs har altid været en af mine yndlings-racer i Blood Bowl. Rent faktisk tror jeg, at det ER min yndlings-race i spillet. Så da jeg for nyligt opdagede Army Painter's Quickshade teknik, var jeg ikke i tvivl om, at jeg skulle have nogle nye, fede figurer til dette hold og få dem malet flot.
Efter kort tids søgen, fandt jeg nogle ret fede figurer hos Gaspez Arts - GA er efterhånden blevet min foretrukne leverandør af Blood Bowl figurer, da deres produkter både er fede og har en god størrelse.
Men jeg ville også gøre noget særligt ud af deres baser. I stedet for at bruge almindelige baser med flock, sand osv., gik jeg på jagt efter scenery baser i resin. Hos Dark Art Miniatures fandt jeg nogle flotte lava-baser til billige penge - jeg fik 20 stk. 25mm og 6 stk. 30mm for omkring 110kr incl. levering. Og de er sgu flotte.
Holdet er i skrivende stund ikke helt færdigt, men her er et par stemningsbilleder:
Resin-baserne grundet med hvid primer.

Resin-baser - nu med lava-effekt.
Et par hobgobliner på baser tilsat numre.
Flere billeder følger når holdet er komplet.

BTW - fik jeg nævnt, at jeg eeeeeeeelsker Army Painter's dipping teknik? For det gør jeg altså!

onsdag den 27. februar 2013

Fun Fact # 2

Den tyske fodboldspiller Mike Hanke (http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Hanke) er allergisk overfor græs...